Infrared Heat Lamp Therapy

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100W Infrared Heat Lamp

Usage Instructions:

Adjust the arm and the head of the lamp to the body and the right angle.

Turn on the power indicator light, press on the key work light, express normal work according to ‘+’ and ‘-'.  Adjust the wavelength and the time of irradiation.

Preheat for 5 minutes. Exposure to the same part: adult 30 minutes each time, children 20 minutes each time.

In auxiliary health care, the skin of the irradiated area should be exposed, about 30cm at a distance, about 40 degrees or other comfortable temperatures.

Time is adjusted to "00", that is, long term work (no timing function)

US Plug - a free adapter will be sent according to your country.

Notice: When the product is first used, the light bulb will have the smell of the paint. It is normal and does not affect the normal use. It is suggested that the single use time do not exceed 30 minutes to avoid excessive temperature accidents.

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