Magnetic Acupuncture Stickers

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Magnetic acupuncture stickers for back and shoulder pain relief.

Helps reduce all kinds of pains such as rheumatism, muscular aches and pains, stiff neck, shoulder, lumbago and more.  Helps reduce pains after exercising or weather changes.


Peel off the plaster and paste it on the pain point. Replace it every 2 days, one week as one curative circle. Choose the accupoints to be pasted carefully and clean the area thoroughly. Do not tough the surface of medical biocream on the plaster, and press lightly after paste.

It is normal to feel slightly itchy because of the spreading of medical biocream through the skin. For hypersensitive skin, pasting on the same accupoints is not preferred and those with injured or allergic skin, pregnant women.



Magnetic plaster is based on 'Bio-electromagnetics' which is the use of electromagnetic fields on acupuncture points. Each patch works as a mini transmitter, emitting small energy fields which have a soothing effect and stimulate the body's natural pain relief mechanism.

The patches are completely natural. They are applied externally and contain no drugs. Magnetic therapy has been used for centuries. The patch is held against the skin by a hypoallergenic micro porous material which allows the skin to breathe and is particularly suitable for sensitive skins.



The patches can be placed directly over the area in pain. Alternatively, one or more of the patches can be placed on any of the acupressure points outlined in the leaflet. The optimum effect of magnet patch treatment is obtained between the third and fifth day. For reasons of hygiene, each patch should be used only once. If further treatment is required, use a new patch. Replace after 5-7days, allowing the skin to breathe.



Gently pull from the edges towards the centre. Any remaining adhesive can be removed with citrus-based skin cleansing lotion.


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