Neck Shoulder Acupressure Massager

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Put the pillow on a flat surface. Lie on the pillow according to the picture shown and put your head, shoulder and back in the correct position.

Move your head a little bit. Recommended use 5 minutes once per day.


Not to be used other than specified.

Please seek doctors\health care advice if you are having treatment from a doctor and or not feel well.

Please consult your doctor if you are not feeling well after using this product.

Please do not use auxiliary tool if you are physical handicap.

Keep away from children and please note that this product is not a toy

Do not keep this product outdoors or nearby bathroom which has high humidity.

Please do not keep this product under sunlight and high temperature.

Please put this product on top of a towel in case the place is slippery

Please make sure your body condition is good before use.

Feelings differ among each body

Initially use for a couple of minutes and increase the time length gradually

Using this product longer than the recommended time maybe harmful.

Please do not use this product for sleeping purpose.

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